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Info de interés | Lanzarote Film Commission

Info de interés

Protected natural reserves in Lanzarote

Here you can find information on the protected natural reserves in Lanzarote.

Map of protected areas in Lanzarote

To learn more about the Natural Areas Network Canaria click on the following link. What is the Canary Network of Protected Natural Areas?

Mirador del Río


The temperatures of the Canary Islands are characteristically mild and constant, always spring-like. The monthly average is 18ºC in January and 24ºC in August,making the yearly average 22ºC. Besides, the difference between the coolest time of the night and the hottest time of the day is only 7ºC, meaning that there is very little fluctuation.

To understand that these temperatures and the high level of well-being as regards the weather are a privilege of nature, we only have to compare them with the rest of Europe.

In winter, the average in the islands is 18ºC, while in the main cities in southern Europe it is 8ºC and in the countries of central and northern Europe it is 0ºC.

In the summer, the average temperature on the coasts of the Canary Islands is 23ºC, six degrees higher than the main European cities. At the hottest time of the day, the temperature only reaches 27ºC, as opposed to the 37ºC of some of the best known tourist destinations on the Mediterranean. However, in the summer season the average temperature doesn’t go below 20ºC, while in the main European cities it is 13ºC.



The breeze from the trade winds and the thermal inversion they produce, prevent the formation of clouds. This is why the skies of the Canary Islands are clearest and brightest in Europe. Besides they are protected by the Law on the Protection of the Atmospheric Quality of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, which controls light and radio-electric pollution, atmospheric contamination and regulates air traffic so that nothing can interfere with the observation of the stars.

For these reasons, the Canary archipelago is regarded as one of the best places in the world to observe the stars and it has the most important Astrophysical observatories in the northern hemisphere.



Lanzarote has a pleasant and generally stable climate throughout the year. Although there is rain, there is no specific “rainy season”, or rain of great intensity. The low rainfall on the island, which averages 144 mm a year, is ideal for filming in the open air and ensures that there is little risk of weather problems when shooting outdoor scenes.

más información sobre datos meteorológicos


Entrance of audiovisual material to the Canary Islands. ATA carnet

All the material introduced to the Canarian archipelago in order to carry out cinematographic shootings, video recordings, etc, must be accompanied by an ATA carnet. This is a necessary document for temporary imports that allows the transfer of work equipment in an easy and less costly way.

The Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin issues the ATA carnet. The production company that needs to export its material must present a list of all merchandise that is going to be transferred and its approximate value. The Chamber of Commerce then demands the deposit of a fee on a percentage of the declared value of the merchandise, which can be paid in cash or by means of a bank guarantee.

El ATA carnet is issued with a years validity and must be rubber stamped on entry and exit at the corresponding customs office. If this is not done, the Chamber of Commerce will not return the deposited fee.



EU countries and non-EU countries

Goods travelling as luggage: Goods from these countries must have their ATA carnet stamped at the airport customs.

Goods travelling as Cargo: These goods must also come with Ata carnet and it is necessary to have a DUA issued (Documento Único Aduanero = Sole Customs Document). In this case we strongly recommend hiring a customs agency to deal with all the procedures.



Goods coming in from other parts of Spain

Goods travelling as luggage: Goods from these countries must have their ATA carnet stamped at the airport customs.

Which at Goods travelling as cargo: In this case, goods must also come with an ATA Carnet and a DUA will have to be issued. We recommend the hiring of a customs agency to ease the procedure. Lanzarote Airport is at the cargo terminal. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 14:00. Tel: 00 34 928 811 136 Fax: 00 34 928 815974.


Goods coming in through the port

Goods travelling by boat, in vans or trucks will be regarded as cargo. They should therefore come with a Carnet ATA and a DUA will have to be issued. Whenever goods are coming as cargo, we strongly recommend hiring a Customs Agency to avoid delays